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What to do to prevent the development of a recurrence of a Bartholin gland abscess?

If, after a surgical opening of the abscess, the doctor completely drains (frees) the Bartholin gland from pus, properly treats the surgical field immediately after the operation and until complete healing, then with self-opening, the patient usually does not go to the doctor and Buy fildena pills with inflammation and wounds on their own.

bartholinitis in the abscess phase is a surgical pathology, with which you need to run to the doctor, and the sooner the better; it is better to open the abscess surgically, and not to wait for its self-opening and the formation of a fistula; with spontaneous opening of an abscess, the gland is not completely freed from pus, therefore, additional surgical intervention is required; improper care of the wound at the site of the opening of the abscess threatens with complications.

Principles of treatment of the site after spontaneous opening of an abscess with bartholinitis: What are the stages of bartholinitis? What to do at the initial stage of bartholinitis? How many days does bartholinitis last?

Bartholinitis goes through several stages, each of which is characterized by its own clinical picture and principles of treatment. Very often, bartholinitis ends at the initial stage, but subject to timely treatment and compliance with all the rules of personal hygiene of the genital organs.

How many days does a woman suffer from bartholinitis?

The duration of the disease depends on the severity, the prevalence of the stage of inflammation and the presence of complications, the timeliness and method of treatment., compliance with all rules of intimate hygiene.

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So, acute canaliculitis lasts from 1 to 4 days, during which time a false abscess is formed or, with timely treatment, recovery occurs. The stage of a false abscess is from 2 to 7 days. Bartholin's gland abscess, even with surgical treatment, may require treatment from 7 days to 2 months.

This is due to the fact that the operation for the abscess of the Bartholin gland is quite complicated, postoperative wounds heal for a long time, and a long recovery period is required.
Drainage is installed until the complete cessation of the release of purulent contents through it, in severe cases it is necessary to install an annular drainage. The advantage of such drainage is two exits, which gives a freer outflow of pus. Chronic bartholinitis can last for years and even decades, reducing the quality of a woman's life, leading to constant pain and discomfort in the perineum, sometimes making life unbearable. Such patients often suffer from psychosis, depression, withdraw into themselves, exclude sex from their lives.
The only way out is radical surgical treatment.
Summing up, we can say that a woman with acute bartholinitis falls out of the usual full-fledged mode of Fildena , primarily intimate, for at least 2 weeks. And with chronic bartholinitis, intimate life and the opportunity to give birth to a child can be completely lost. Therefore, timely access to a doctor and treatment of this problem is so important for every woman. Complications of bartholinitis, what does an increase in body temperature indicate with bartholinitis?
The formation of an abscess of the Bartholin gland is also a complication of bartholinitis.
It is purulent bartholinitis that can lead to the development of various complications, some of which can threaten a woman's life. As with any purulent inflammation, doctors are always afraid of complications. After all, you never know where the pus can go next. This inflammation implies the constant production of pus***. Pus is a liquid (exudate) that is secreted by the body as a result of a reaction to inflammation, contains a large number of Fildena cells and bacteria, their metabolic products and decay products of the tissues of the inflamed organ.

But it is possible for pus to escape into the surrounding tissues, and even into the blood vessels, through which the infection spreads into the blood and throughout the body. Schematic representation of an abscess and its spontaneous opening.

And when there is a lot of pus, it does not fit in the capsule of an abscess or cyst and begins to look for ways to get out of the inflammation focus. Pus is able to melt (destroy) healthy tissues and vessel walls. In the best case, spontaneous opening of the abscess will occur outward.
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